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We are now starting new cooperation with different marks and consultants as KPMG Nicosia Cyprus, including construction companies in South Korean and or overseas, which have many alliances in several countries. We are cooperating with Princess Foundation company which helping us in the finance along other companies and private trust banks such as US CAPITAL PRIVATE BANK. Also other funding sources with Royal families and construction companies as AAE which is global company.

We are the major finance party for all the projects.

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Hand Crafted Jewelry

Designs and manufactures hand-crafted gold and silver jewelry at their Nicosia workshop. 

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Mining in Africa and Liberia In a partnership with New Vision for Africa Foundation

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Energy Projects with Aramco and Runo

Our Services

  • Project Financing

    We have more than 25 years of experience in provision of international project finance to companies and organizations for significant construction projects including Infrastructure projects and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) throughout the world.

  • Hand Crafted Jewelry

    Mr Kalogeros has been an accredited gemologist since 1993. In 1995 he resumed further studies for design and decoration of fine jewelry. He then created a new image by creating unique designs for the company, which now supplies over 90% of the jewelers in Cyprus.

  • Mining

    AL Kalogeros Group performs mining in Africa and Liberia and is also in partnership with New Vision for Africa Foundation

  • Energy

    AL Kalogeros Group is involved in Energy Projects with Aramco and Runo

Our Projects View all

  • Jeju Project and Safari Park

    5.2 B plus the Midan Project in South Korea is 12 B USD.

    • Zoo Safari
    • Woo Do Park
    • Jeju Hotel Complex
    • The Airport
    • Casino town

  • New Vision for Africa Foundation

    Holds approximately 1560 acres of exploration claim holdings in Liberia, West Africa. Partnership with AL Kalogeros is to develop a gold mining operation in:

    • Cape Mount
    • BOMI
    • Monterado Counties of Liberia, West Africa

  • The Water Initiative

    TWI co-creates products contoured to market needs and price points by maintaining a continuous feedback loop between

    • customers
    • and its R&D
    • field and community teams